Mark E Beazer Home
The Mark E. Beazer home

Sometimes, while googling, you may have run across the town of Beazer, Canada, and wondered if it has any connection to our family. The answer is yes – the town is indeed named after our family.

Technically though, it’s not a town. It’s not even a village – it’s a smaller unit known as a hamlet. Although I can’t find any recent population numbers, Google Map’s satellite view does show a few houses, at least. Beazer is about 14 minutes north of the U.S.-Canadian border in Montana.

Beazer was founded by my 4th-great-uncle, Mark E. Beazer, (a,f) and his family in 1890. They emigrated from Utah, going north to found a new settlement. They traveled for 7 weeks in a covered wagon to reach Cardston County in South Alberta. They were the first white people to permanently settle in the hamlet.

Don Beazer to Mark E Beazer

Chart showing the relationship between my great-grandfather Don Beazer and the founder of Beazer, Mark E. Beazer.

The population didn’t grown much until the very end of the century. In 1900, an L.D.S. Mormon branch and ward were both organized, and Mark E. Beazer was made Branch President and then Bishop. A church was built in 1902, and it housed the school until a schoolhouse was erected in 1907.

The population started to decline in the middle of the 20th century, and the county started sending students to a central school. The post office and the L.D.S. ward were shut down by 1970.

Information on Beazer, Canada from: Keith Shaw, Chief mountain country : a history of Cardston and district. Volume I (Cardston, Alberta, Canada, Cardston and District Historical Society), The Alberta Heritage Digitization Project, p. 56. http://www.ourfutureourpast.ca/loc_hist/page.aspx?id=803548.

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